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About Me

Feeling the Moment, Painting the Feeling


She is a French Guyanese and Guadeloupean London-based artist.


She had always enjoyed sketching everything around her. However, as she got older, she became more focused on her career within Business Administration between Paris and London. While we found some free time during the pandemic in 2020, she decided to dust off her pencils and naturally started drawing again. Passion caught up with her again.

Entirely self-taught, she keeps challenging myself and experimenting other materials, such as watercolour and acrylic painting and charcoal. Her inspiration stems from the unique beauty of the places she had the chance to visit, as well as from the special individuals she encounters on my journey, infusing all emotions into her artworks.

Her artworks have now adopted a more sophisticated and mature approach. This has given her the opportunity to be exhibited in Art Galleries in London since 2023.

" A work of art which did not begin

with emotion is not Art."

Paul Cezanne

Next Events

Petit Bout d'Art_Urban Art

Urban Art

13th July 2024

Brixton SW2 (London)


Parallx Art Fair

19th-21st July 2024

Kensington Town Hall (London)

Past Events

Kensington Town Hall, London
February 2024
Kensington Town Hall, London
July 2023
Dalston, London
February and March 2023